GSA Launches Emerging Citizen Technology AI Pilot


Emerging Citizen Technology ProgramThe government wants to harness the new intelligent personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa with a pilot to integrate federal public information and later grow into artificial intelligence applications.

Justin “Doc” Herman, head of the Emerging Citizen Technology program for GSA’s Technology Transformation Service, will speak at the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit on May 11th about the program. The pilot will educate federal officials on ways to better inform the public and test ways to broadcast public information through the intelligent personal assistants.

So instead of asking Amazon’s Alexa or Microsoft’s Cortana to turn on your favorite song or order more paper towels, the devices could inform the user about a federal program in their area.

“These same services that help power our homes today will empower the self-driving cars of tomorrow, fuel the Internet of Things, and more,” Herman wrote in a blog on Digital Gov to announce the pilot. “As such, the Emerging Citizen Technology program is working with federal agencies to prepare a solid understanding of the business cases and impact of these advances.”

The open-source program is posted on GitHub in order to incorporate as much feedback on the rapid development of the technology as possible.

“By sharing openly with private-sector innovators, small businesses, and new entries into the field, the tech industry will gain increased transparency into working with the federal government,” Herman wrote.

Herman wrote that the first phase is a modest one with a “read-only use of public data” but he expected it to grow into the more “more automated, self-service access to public service information.”

Join us May 11th to learn more about the program from Herman himself.


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