SOFWERX Issues New Drone Challenge with $10K Prize


OpenWerx AirspewU.S. Special Operations Command’s innovation cell, SOFWERX, is hosting a drone challenge called AirSpew featuring a $10,000 top prize.

The challenge is to build a system to be mounted to a DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter that can broadcast pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded FM signal, and a pamphlet dropper. The drone must be able to drop a pound worth of pamphlets.

It’s certainly one of the more unique and specific challenges we’ve seen come from a defense agency.

Teams have until June 30 to register and must submit a video on You Tube of their system operating by Aug. 21. Functional prototypes must also be shipped to SOFWERX headquarters in Tampa, Fla., by Aug. 21.

The winners will be selected on Sept. 7 with judges handing out cash prizes of: $10,000 (first place), $5,000 (second place), $3,000 (third place).

You can learn more about the challenge at their website here. Also, below is a video filmed by SOFWERX talking more about the challenge.

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