Trump Budget Proposal Boosts Defense Innovation Programs


DARPA space planeThe Trump administration’s budget proposal offers significant increases nearly across the board for defense innovations programs including DARPA, DIUx and the Strategic Capabilities Office.

Many questioned whether the new administration would keep in place the defense innovation initiatives put in place under President Obama’s team. Thus far, not only has the Trump team kept them, they’ve increased their budgets.

Overall, the Pentagon’s Science and Technology budget received a 2 percent increase to $12.3 billion for the upcoming fiscal year. DARPA would receive $3.1 billion as part of that budget.

Along with DARPA, DIUx would receive the $45 million it requested under the President’s budget. And In-Q-Tel would receive $60 million for the upcoming fiscal year. Both organizations serve as acquisition tools to connect the Pentagon to the commercial technology industry.

It’s important to remember that this is not the final budget. Congress has final budget authority, but it does serve as a guide, especially since Republicans control both the Senate and House. In fact, GOP leaders have pushed for additional defense spending, not less.

However, energy research programs were slashed, not supported. Research and development programs like IARPA stand to lose a significant chunk of their budgets under the Trump proposal.

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