DARPA Launches Program To Increase Trust in Autonomous Systems


Assured AutonomyAutomation is taking over multiple emerging technology fields to include self-driving cars, drone swarms, robotics and data analytics. DARPA’s leadership wants to make sure military leaders can trust these autonomous systems as they advance.

This month, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched its Assured Autonomy research program with its Proposer’s Day on Aug. 15. DARPA officials said a BAA is forthcoming meaning plenty of opportunities for small businesses and researchers to receive funding.

“Tremendous advances have been made in the last decade in constructing autonomy systems, as evidenced by the proliferation of a variety of unmanned vehicles. These advances have been driven by innovations in several areas, including sensing and actuation, computing, control theory, design methods, and modeling and simulation,” said DARPA Sandeep Neema, program manager at DARPA. “In spite of these advances, deployment and broader adoption of such systems in safety-critical DoD applications remains challenging and controversial.”

DARPA is hoping to make these systems safer and more reliable through this new research program. The Defense Science Board published a report last year on autonomy highlighting the need for the Defense Department to invest in research to ensure the autonomous systems could be trusted.

More information about the new program can be found here. And keep following for updates when the BAA is released.

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