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Blockchain Forum

Blockchain Forum: How Government Agencies Can Unleash the Potential of Digital Ledgers


Join Tandem Innovation Alliance on Thursday, October 5th at BytedCubed in Crystal City for a lunch forum devoted to understanding the impact of blockchain technologies and the future it holds for the government and startups.

We are excited to serve as a community host for Washington DC TechWeek! Our forum will focus on the areas where the government is investing in blockchain programs to modernize federal agencies and where startups can fit in.

Learn about where agencies want to invest and the new contracting mechanisms being used to recruit startups and small businesses. Following the panel, Tandem will select companies that feature exciting new blockchain technologies to provide lightning pitches on the next great innovations that could transform the industry.

Come hungry, lunch will be served and plenty of networking opportunities with investors and government leaders will be provided.


Debbie Bucci — IT Architect for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Meagan Metzger — Founder of Dcode42, a D.C.-based accelorator hosting a fintech and blockchain cohort

Justin “Doc” Herman — Head of the Emerging Citizen Technology program office for GSA’s Technology Transformation Service (invited)

Carlyle Davis — Chief Technology Officer at ByteCubed (invited)

Eric Ross — Director of Technology at Loci, a D.C.-based blockchain startup


11:00 am — Dinner & Drinks and Networking

11:30 am — Panel Disucssion

12:15 pm — Lightning Pitches

1:00 pm — Closing Remarks