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Company List for PitchNSI Event


We are very excited to announce that the following companies have been chosen to pitch at tomorrow’s PitchNSI event! Each company will have a total of 3 minutes to present to the panel of judges and the audience to win one of three cash prizes: $5,000 first prize, $1,250 second prize, and $500 third prize.

Audience participation counts!

If you haven’t already registered to attend so you can vote for your favorite company, DO IT TODAY!

Here’s the list of companies you’ll see tomorrow!

AI Machines Inc.
INF Robotics
Insider Spyder
Key Cybersecurity
Resilient Network Systems
Sentien Robotics
TRX Systems

TandemNSI Event Photos, Videos and Summaries


Crowd shot for Event Photo pageWe’ve gotten some feedback that attendees were having trouble finding the photos and video that were taken at recent events. We have created a few new pages on our site so that you can find this content more easily under the Events tab.

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Tandem Announces Our Featured Opportunity Series


In just over eight months and with 25 events under our belt, the TandemNSI community has topped 2,000 members. TandemNSI’s mission to grow an ecosystem around national security technology innovation has a clear and loyal following. So far, so good.

Recently we sent out a community survey to get your feedback. Your initial response revealed that you would like us to create new opportunities to:

  1. Launch new technology startups
  2. Expand emerging businesses around national security innovation
  3. Take the lessons learned and knowledge shared from our events and start innovating for the national security establishment

We hear you, and are up to the task!

FeaturedOpp-175x94We are launching a new and ongoing TandemNSI series titled Featured Opportunities. TandemNSI will highlight featured business opportunities, technology challenges, and federal contracts around national security innovation that are of particular interest to non-traditional performers and well suited to the TandemNSI Community. These Featured Opportunities will be announced to our mailing list and the TandemNSI Community will be given the opportunity to enter/participate/compete.

Featured Opportunities Events

Nov. 5, 2014: Competitive Briefing Event for CTTSO 3D Printable Small Robot Challenge