TandemNSI Cybersecurity Industry List

This list is a collection of the cybersecurity businesses operating in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. The TandemNSI team compiled the list to encourage growth in the cybersecurity ecosystem in the region.

We encourage you to search through our list to learn more about the cybersecurity industry in the Greater Washington region. Also, please download our White Paper to learn more about our research methodology and read about the insights we provide from the additional information about the companies we collected.

The TandemNSI team intends for this list to be an evergreen and comprehensive list. If you are a cybersecurity business and not on this list and would like to be, or if you have updates to your information, please send us an email.

We believe we must all share an understanding of what already exists so that the region’s cybersecurity ecosystem may together build on our strengths and shore up our weaknesses. Common data allows us to establish growth models and goals, test them against real metrics, and measure our success and progress.

TandemNSI has worked with DARPA, the Department of Homeland Security, Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the Department of Energy and many leading universities to promote higher engagement between innovators and national security research and development.



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