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The role of national security as a technology creator and consumer drives the U.S. economy.

The relationship between national security, particularly the Department of Defense, with entrepreneurship and new industrial growth is under appreciated. Every significant industrial wave in the US since World War II has been fostered and driven in a large way by national security research and spending. Things that shape our world today, such as the Internet, semiconductors and GPS, and the things that will shape our world tomorrow, such as artificial limbs, artificial intelligence, space technologies and material science, would not exist without the government and entrepreneurs working in tandem. Tandem NSI is an initiative that will promote and accelerate opportunities to create new industries and businesses and highlight national security innovation as a driver of US economic innovation and growth.


Are you an Entrepreneur looking to connect with Program Managers (the 'buyers') in the National Security arena? Are you a program manager looking for a company to help solve your large scale problem? Come meet each other at TandemNSI's events.

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Office Hours

Has your company received Federal funds to develop technology? Are you looking for one on one advice for how to grow and scale your business. If so, sign up for office hours with our Venture Advisors for coaching and help.

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Amplifier Ventures

A market leading technology venture capital group focused on national security commercialization and growth.
Amplifier Ventures

Arlington Economic Development

Arlington County Virginia is home to the largest concentration of national security agencies in the United States.

TandemNSI is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Arlington County.

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