Tandem National Security Innovations helps government agencies discover breakthrough innovations to solve national security challenges.

Our Strategy



We partner with national security agencies, local governments, and technology companies to foster collaboration. We pride ourselves in finding the right company for the right job to make sure goals are exceeded.


Tech News

We cover the latest news from the technology industry so that you know about the newest technologies available. We want to make sure both agencies and innovators can come to us to know about new trends and emerging technology.



We host events that bring national security agencies and innovators together. We do this so agencies can hear about new technologies being developed and innovators can learn more about the needs of the national security realm.

Latest News

UMBC, Naval Academy Win National Cyber Competitions Showing Off Region’s Talent Pool

Separated by only a 30-minute drive, students and Midshipmen from UMBC and the Naval Academy won two of the most prominent collegiate cybersecurity competitions in the nation this past week.

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New Boeing Venture Arm Invests in Virginia Augmented Reality Firm

The Boeing Company stood up a new venture arm and announced investments in two early stage companies including an augmented reality software firm based in Virginia.

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DIUx Commercial Solutions Openings

The Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUX) launched a new tool last year to connect small businesses with opportunities to offer the military solutions to challenges. We’re going to post those challenges here to keep the TandemNSI community alerted to these opportunities because they rotate fast.

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