Tandem National Security Innovations helps government agencies discover breakthrough innovations to solve national security challenges.

Our Strategy



We partner with national security agencies, local governments, and technology companies to foster collaboration. We pride ourselves in finding the right company for the right job to make sure goals are exceeded.


Tech News

We cover the latest news from the technology industry so that you know about the newest technologies available. We want to make sure both agencies and innovators can come to us to know about new trends and emerging technology.



We host events that bring national security agencies and innovators together. We do this so agencies can hear about new technologies being developed and innovators can learn more about the needs of the national security realm.

Latest News

Carter Overhauls Pentagon’s Silicon Valley Effort, Unveils DIUx 2.0

Defense Secretary Ash Carter returned to Silicon Valley last week to announce sweeping changes including the leadership to his project to inject commercial technology innovations to the military.

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Report: Carter Must Look Inside Pentagon to Unleash Innovation

A prominent Washington D.C. think tank issued a report in April evaluating Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s recent push to increase the number of commercial technology companies outside the defense industrial base to start working with the military.

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Air Force Wants Handheld Weapon to Shoot Down Drones Near Nukes

The Air Force’s Global Strike Command issued a request for a handheld device “with a trigger” to shoot down drones flying near nuclear weapons, according to a report from Inside Defense.

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