Tandem National Security Innovations helps government agencies discover breakthrough innovations to solve national security challenges.

Our Strategy



We partner with national security agencies, local governments, and technology companies to foster collaboration. We pride ourselves in finding the right company for the right job to make sure goals are exceeded.


Tech News

We cover the latest news from the technology industry so that you know about the newest technologies available. We want to make sure both agencies and innovators can come to us to know about new trends and emerging technology.



We host events that bring national security agencies and innovators together. We do this so agencies can hear about new technologies being developed and innovators can learn more about the needs of the national security realm.

Latest News

DIUx Speeds Up Pentagon Contracting to Match Tech Outreach

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a faster, more agile process to get tech companies under contract in just 60 days as part of the newest update to the Pentagon’s innovations hubs opened in Silicon Valley and now Boston.

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Governor Makes Push to Attract Cyber Security Firms to Virginia

The state of Virginia receives one cyber attack every four seconds meaning the state has withstood over 50 million attacks this year. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has launched an initiative called “Meet the Threat” to better protect state information systems and attract cybersecurity firms to Virginia.

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DHS Wants Startups to Build Better Mini Drones for Border Patrol Agents

The Department of Homeland Security designed an acquisition program for startups and innovators to build new sensors, security platforms and user interfaces for mini drones operated by Border Patrol agents.

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